The Man, the Piggy Bank, the Legend — Mr. Turner: Origins

Enter Steve, Lab Assistant

Steve was just an ordinary guy like you and me. Working as an assistant to Doctor Lilly in the research lab, Steve liked to save up some change in his trusty old piggy bank. His biggest dream? Being a Super Manager at the most awesome mining company on Idle Earth.

Every day he watched Lilly’s awesome experiments in the morning and saw her take off to the mines in the afternoon, returning with piles of Idle Cash in her pockets. Poor Steve however, was paid the minimum wage of 12ab per month and couldn’t even afford a third yacht because of that.

A Mysterious Money Machine

In the past few months, Lilly had been working on a teleportation device: a mysterious machine that spit out flashes of red lightning, a true masterpiece. Whenever Lilly used her machine on some coins of Idle Cash, it would spit out even more Cash! Magic or Science? You decide.

The only device that Steve owned was his piggy bank. Should he maybe …

Months passed. Lilly went off to the mines again. This was the day. Steve, in addition to a mighty mustache, had grown enough courage to finally give it a go: he took his trusty piggy bank, placed it inside Lilly’s mysterious money machine, and hit the lever!

A Perky Piggy

Zap! Bang! The machine started spinning up! Red flashes of lightning and a thick layer of smoke filled up the research lab. When all quiets down, Steve can’t see a thing. Suddenly, a strange noise breaks the silence: the sound of coins raining on the ground and then a thin voice: “Oink oink … what … who am I?! Whatever, let’s … oink …. make some cash!”

Was he dreaming? Or did Steve’s piggy bank actually turn into a walking, talking Idle Cash multiplier?

The Rest is History

Steve’s accidental invention turned out to be an invaluable asset to any decent mining company’s workforce! Dubbed “Mr. Turner”, the smart money-making piggy bank quickly rose to Super Manager fame. His heart-warming smile makes everyone around him work even faster and his ability to magically multiply your cash turned him one of the highest earners on Idle Earth. He now owns 4 yachts and a private villa estate in the mainland mountains.

What happened to Steve you ask? Well he still has an impressive Mustache. Oh and he works as Mr. Turner’s assistant now. You win some, you lose some!

So what are you waiting for? Have him join your Idle Mining empire and get the power of two for the price of one!

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