Playing for the Planet! Our Participation in this Year’s Green Game Jam

Behind the world of Idle Miner Tycoon is the real-life world of Kolibri Games, where we’ve been making efforts over the past few years to be as active as possible when it comes to social impact and green initiatives. Just one example is the fact that starting last year, we have effectively tracked our carbon footprint, made meaningful reductions to our emissions, and compensated our remaining emissions with investment into green projects around the world. Marty the Miner would be proud!  

This is why everyone at Idle Miner Tycoon is very excited to announce that we will be taking part in this year’s Green Game Jam, organized by Play4thePlanet! The Green Game Jam brings together games studios from around the world to engage with their communities while supporting environmental initiatives. 


Into the Forest

You will get a chance to test your skills in an Event featuring a new Super Manager, as we all attempt to make the idle world a more eco-friendly place!

Additionally, we’ll be giving you the chance to contribute to real-world initiatives in conjunction with the team at Ecologi:

We will be using a portion of the money made from the sale of each “Green Idler” Super Manager during the event to work with Ecologi on planting real-world trees! 

Focusing on reforestation, and the effects real-world mining has on the environment, played a major part in us choosing to work with Ecologi. As IdleBoris, the Lead Game Designer on Idle Miner Tycoon notes,

“real-world mining plays a big part in deforestation, and given how vital trees are to combating climate change, it seems like a perfect fit for us, as a game, to revert some of the damage done by mining by planting trees”.

The Event Mines themselves showcase some unique art and represent various environmental themes.

“We try to display different biospheres that are impacted by traditional mining”, says IdleBoris. “We want to turn the process upside down and actually clean up these environments within the game. Jungle, urban, underwater, and forest themes that our players can enjoy”. 

Furthermore, in Idle Miner Tycoon, we’re fighting against the evil “MegaMine Corp” that operates on Impossible Island. Through these themed Events, our Community can anticipate an exciting storyline which ties in to this – watch out for the likes of Stella and Sir Lorenzo causing some havoc which only the Green Idler can stop!


A New Superhero Emerges 

The Super Managers are the most powerful characters to be found on Idle Earth, and our participation in the GGJ wouldn’t be complete without one. 

The aforementioned “Green Idler” is the new Super Manager which you will be able to unlock through in-app purchase (in the Shop). IdleKatherine, our Lead Artist on the game, shares her thoughts on the process of creating the character, along with the inspiration for doing so. 

“When one of the other artists suggested a superhero for this Manager during our brainstorming session, I was immediately hooked on the idea. I’m a long-time fan of comics and superheroes and I grew up watching shows like Captain Planet. The most interesting thing about having created this Super Manager was how we had to make sure that they were very distinctly different from our two latest managers which also sported heavy plant-related themes”. 

She adds,

“we now have the initiative to make our characters more diverse, meaning that I could try more things in terms of character designs. From the shapes of their eyes to the color of their skin, and even their build. Though of course, we have our inspirations in creating this character, it still gave rise to a very unique character that I really enjoyed working on”.

See you in the game, miners!

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