Let’s make it 10: a new Super Manager joins the Roster!

Meet Sue: the newest and arguably wildest addition to our Super Manager family! How she got here? Glad you asked!

An Adventurous Past:

Before joining your mining empire, Sue had been working as a ranger in the Mainland. When she was not tracking wildlife or guiding lost adventurers back to safety, Sue loved to explore the great wilderness of the Mainland on her own. One day, she found a strange backpack floating down the stream and decided to pick it up.

What’s in the bag? Nothing. And everything! After some experimentation (and many lost lunch boxes), Sue found out that this backpack wasn’t just any old sack, it was an infinity bag that could hold any amount of items!

Never short of smart ideas, she then decided to apply for your mining company and offer her unique skills to you. Turns out a supernatural backpack and her natural talent for motivating and inspiring people are an awesome asset for any proper miner tycoon!

Sue’s Awesome Abilities:

In Idle Miner Tycoon, Sue’s active ability will have your miners dig away at those precious ores without having to walk over to the mining cart, the infinity bag will suck in all the ores and store them for you! Her inspiring presence and awesome wilderness stories also let your miners work much faster than usual!

As Ranger Sue definitely knows her way around rocks and caves, her first passive ability will reduce your barrier unlock costs. Her second passive ability increases your overall mine income factor, because that’s how awesome she is.

Are you as convinced of her talents as we are? Then go and pick her up for your mining empire as well!

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