What it’s about

Idle Miner Tycoon is a thrilling mobile simulation game that will take you on an exciting journey to become an industrial tycoon.
Make smart investments to upgrade your empire and boost your economy. Automate your workflow by hiring managers and make your miners work, even while you’re away.
This game will have you hooked with its cutting-edge game design and visually stunning graphics – long lasting entertainment and continued satisfaction guaranteed. So get ready to conquer the world of Idle Miner Tycoon!



Make them work!

Use managers to automate your workflow.

Invest smart!

Use KPIs and dash boards to invest smart.

It's super fun!

Seriously, what did you expect? We don’t do lame stuff.

It's free!

Download for free on iOS and Android







  • I have a technical problem. Who can help me?

    Mail us at – we’ll have a look into it and help you 😊

  • When's the next update?

    We will update the game every 1-2 weeks. We try to implement features as fast as we can to give you a better gaming experience 😍

  • I dont't have the update yet. Why?

    Updates for Android are delivered with a staged rollout process. This means that some people will get it sooner than others. iOS updates may be a few days behind

  • How can I update Idle Miner Tycoon

    Go to the store and search for Idle Miner Tycoon. Press the update button and enjoy all the new features 😊 Sometimes you have to pull down the update screen to refresh it!

  • How can I change the language and why isn't my language available yet?

    Click on the gear-wheel to open the menu. Scroll down to where it says “Settings”. One of the settings is”Languages” click the “select” button and choose your favorite language 😍
    We now support more than 20 languages including English, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.
    We will implement more languages in the future, but we can’t give you an exact date of completion yet 😅

  • On which devices can I play this game?

    It is available for Android (version 4.0.3+) and iOS (version 6.0+).

  • Can I save my game progress?

    With our new Cloud Save feature your game progress is saved automatically. You just have to log in with your Google Play (Android) or Gamecenter (iOS) account.
    You can easily transfer your game progress to another device:
    1) Log in with the same account on the new device.
    2) Click on “Settings” and then on “More Settings” where you can find the option “Load Cloud Save”
    3) f you click on this button you will see a panel. Here you can decide to either keep your local savegame or
    4) Your progress is downloaded and you can continue your game 😍
    Note: Please bear in mind that it is not possible to transfer your game progress from Android to iOS or the other way around.

  • Do i have to pay?

    No, it’s completely free! However you can spend money on small items. Spending money also helps us to develop new features 😊

  • Am I allowed to make a Let's Play?

    We’d love to hear your opinion about our game and always encourage people to do so. Be creative, innovative and as fancy as you’d like to be! If you need something else, have ideas on how to improve the game or maybe even just want to talk – feel free to write to us any time 😊🎮

  • Why does Idle Miner Tycoon need access to photos / media / files and storage data?

    You can view ads to boost your progress (optional) and we want to give you as many as possible to watch 😁 The rights are needed by the framework to cache and save video ads, that’s all! 😊

  • Is this game safe for my child?

    Yes it is. Our game is approved by the ESRB and playable for children of every age 👶😊

  • Can I listen to my own music while playing?

    We are fixing this problem right now so you will be able to do that in the future 🙈 But we do have a temporary solution for you:
    1) Start the music on your phone.
    2) Open the game and turn of its sound.
    3) Re-start the music from the android dropdown-menu.
    4) Enjoy! 😍
    iOS: Unfortunately the music gets quieter when starting the game. We are working on this!

  • My purchase had a problem and I want a refund!

    If you encounter a problem with your purchased product just send us a mail 📩 We will need your Transaction ID (GPA.xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxx) to be able to help you out!
    If you play on an iOS device you will have to contact the Apple store support so they can take a look at your refund request.

  • I want to reset my game! How can I do this?

    Sadly, there is no reset button in the game 😔
    You have to either uninstall the game, reinstall it and never click the “Load Savegame” button again or create a new Google Play account and login with it.

  • How do I play Idle Miner Tycoon?

  • How can I earn money when the app is closed?

    After you have hired managers and automated your production you will earn money even when your app is closed – this is the so called “Idle Cash”. So let the game work for you and lean back 😂

  • How and why should I get the gold mine?

    The next mine will produce substantially more money for you – we strongly advise you to buy it 😊 But as always you can re-enter your old mine whenever you wish to.
    You need 76.8 ab to unlock the goldmine on the worldmap (found by clicking on the globe icon on the bottom right) 😉

  • What are the currencies?

    The total amount of money you have on the first island (= Grass Continent).
    Ice Cash:
    The total amount of money you have on the second island (= Ice Continent).
    Fire Cash:
    The total amount of money you have on the third island (= Fire Continent)
    Remember: collect money from the other mines to increase your Cash 😉
    Idle Cash:
    The amount of money you earn in a second while the game is closed on the first island.
    The Ice Idle Cash and Fire Idle Cash works the same way but only for the second and third island.
    Super Cash:
    You get this currency from levelling up your mine shafts, surface stations, and from the daily rewards! Use it to buy boosts from the store to progress even faster! 😍
    It is spent throughout the whole Idle Miner world.
    The total amount of money you have on the Mainland.
    Can be obtained by finishing a Mainland Mine and can be used to purchase Super Managers!

  • How do I spend my Super Cash

    Super Cash is spent in our in-game store which is the second icon on the bottom left. You can use your hard earned Super Cash to buy boosts and Instant Cash to help you progress faster! 😍 It is spent throughout the whole Idle Miner world.

  • What is a, aa, ab, ac...?

    These are actually just made up fancy names 😂 We changed our annotation so we could display higher numbers:
    k = 1,000
    m = 1,000,000
    b = 1,000,000,000
    t = 1,000,000,000,000
    aa = 1,000,000,000,000,000
    ab= 1,000,000,000,000,000,000
    ac = ….

  • What are the different boosts for?

    2x Idle Cash: After buying this item you get two times Idle Cash forever in all mines.
    Income Boost: The boosts from the item shop give you 2x or 10x boosts on Cash and Idle Cash in all mines on all continents. Each Income Boost is added up to your previous received boosts.
    Ad Boost: The boost at the bottom increases your Cash and Idle Cash in your current mine. This multiplies with all the other boosts for a certain time up to 12 hours.
    Instant Cash: You instantly get the Idle Cash from all of your mines of one continent (including all boosts except the permanent 2x Idle Cash) of one or three days multiplied with 10.
    Time: The smallest amount of time will be displayed in the top right corner using minutes and seconds. After it runs up the multiplier number and the time will change showing the remaining time from the other boosts. Click on the question mark next to the text and the Boost Overview will open. Here you can see more details about your active boosts.
    The manager’s effects don’t influence the boosts.

  • How do limited offers work?

    Every day you will get a special limited offer! This offer is only available for 24 hours and afterwards you will get a new offer ⏱
    These offers combine different shop items and are cheaper than buying these products separately.
    The items you bought are now stored in the new inventory! Just open the ingame shop and you can see a number below your purchased item. If you click it you will activate it and get all the earnings! 💵😊

  • What are the maximum levels?

    With version 1.6.0 or higher it’s 800 for a mine shaft and 2400 for the elevator and the surface station. Ever tried to max. them all out? 😍

  • How big is the world?

    Right now you are able to play with 15 mines (+ Mainland mines) and there will probably be more 🙊 We are working on new mines all the time!

  • How does the prestige system work?

    You can buy prestige and restart each mine four times by clicking on the star on the worldmap next to your mine. Every shaft in the mine is closed and you have to start from the beginning: build new shafts, level them up and hire new managers.
    It sounds like a lot of work but you will see that it is worth it 😊 The mine gets an upgrade and the income is multiplied by the following factors:

    Every time you buy prestige you earn Super Cash as well!
    The restart will not affect your achievements, your previous bought boosts, or other mines.

  • Where can I get Idle Miner Tycoon Coupon codes and how can I use them?

    Idle Miner Tycoon Coupon codes (Super Cash Coupon Codes) are given out through regular Giveaways via our social media channels so make sure to follow us! 💵 To use your Idle Miner Tycoon coupon code, just visit our in-game shop and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find the “Have a coupon?” option where you can use all the coupons that you have! 😍

  • Where can I see my statistics?

    Click on the gear-wheel at the top left corner to open the settings and to study your stats 😁

  • How does the Ice Continent work?

    You need 2.45 ah to unlock the Ice Continent.
    The Ice Continent includes 5 mines: Moonstone, Amethyst, Crystal, Jade and Sapphire.
    The new currency is called Ice Cash and is only valid on the Ice Continent! ❄
    The cost for the following mines is the same as on the Grass Continent (76,8ab ➡ 614ac ➡ 245ae ➡ 245ag) 😊
    Super Cash works throughout the whole world.

  • How does the Fire Continent work?

    You need 2.45 ah Ice Cash to unlock the Fire Continent
    The Fire Continent includes 5 mines: Amber, Topaz, Sunstone, Platinum and Obsidian.
    The new currency is called Fire Cash and is only valid on the Fire Continent! 🔥
    The cost for the following mines is the same as on the Grass and Ice Continent (76,8ab ➡ 614ac ➡ 245ae ➡ 245ag) 😊
    Super Cash works throughout the whole world.

  • How does the Event Mine work?

    To unlock it you need to have the 5th shaft in the coalmine unlocked. Afterwards you need to wait for us to unlock the mine for special events. Before entering the mine you are already able to see which tasks you have to complete in order to get a cool reward for free. 🎁 There are also special offers only available as long as the mine is available. These offers influence the whole world of Idle Miner Tycoon! The event mine normally lasts for 3 days.🕒
    At the end you can claim your reward ! ❤

  • How does the collection feature work?

    Everytime you play a video or come back to the game you have the chance of getting a chest! 🎁 Those chests contain cards to collect.
    If you complete an entire card set you will unlock new gear 🔑⚙ You can equip this gear to increase your income.
    The chance of getting a chest decreases every time you receive one after watching a video. Don’t worry though: The chance will reset every day! 😊

  • How does the skill system work?

    The skill system gives you the chance to improve your mines! There are 3 different skill trees. The first is the green skill tree that helps you improve the efficiency of your Grass Continent mines. Second is the red skill tree which improves the abilities of your managers. Last is the blue skill tree. This skill tree increases your progress speed and increases the efficiency of videos ⬆😍
    To unlock these skills you have to earn (Daily Rewards) or buy skill points. Green points can only be bought with Grass Cash, red points only with Fire Cash and blue points only with Ice Cash.

    Don’t worry about wasting your points and skilling wrong by accident ! For only 400 Super Cash you can reset all three skill trees and regain all of your precious skill points 😊


Didn’t find an answer?

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Hope this page was able to help you cause otherwise, we can’t sleep tonight 😜

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